California State University East Bay

Mary Ann Irwin, M.A., Lecturer, Department of History
Dr. Linda Ivey, Associate Professor & Chair, Department of History
Dr. Peter Marsh, Assistant Professor, Department of Music
Dr. Elizabeth McGuire, Assistant Professor, Department of History
Dr. Laura Nelson, Former Professor & Chair, Department of Anthropology
Dr. Laurie Price, Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology
Dr. Khal Schneider, Associate Professor, Department of History

People of Plowshares

Kate Brislin
David Brown
Jessica Bryan
Carlo Calabi
Don Coffin
Jeff Crossley
Charlie Fenton
Sean Folsom
Priscilla Herdman
Ed Hilton
Nick Holbrook
Dick Holdstock
Arlene Immerman
Laurie Lewis
Tony Marcus
Linda Mattson
Ray Murray
Redmond O’Colonies
Dave Olson
Charlotte Patterson
Peter Persoff
Art Peterson
Faith Petric
Bob Reid
Betty Reid Soskin
Nancy Schimmel
Barry Smiler
Michael Stadler
Suzy Thompson
Margie Wade

These folks participated in interviews and surveys and/or shared recordings, photos, and documents that they had saved. There are many more “People of Plowshares” than this list represents.

Thank you also to everyone else who has taken time to send email notes, chat about Plowshares, listen to my questions and ideas, tell me their stories, play music or dance with me, and make sure I sleep once in a while.


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