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Researching Plowshares began its existence, in the Spring of 2013, as a blog documenting my research for a San Francisco Bay Area History class. The format and general focus of each post was defined in the syllabus. The research and insights are entirely my own. Although I had begun to explore the history of the Plowshares Coffee House Concert Series and the San Francisco Folk Music Center a year earlier, these postings were the beginning of my efforts to document what I was learning. I expect to add reflective postings on the research process from time to time.

Researching Plowshares provides my most detailed exploration of Plowshares’ history to date along with insights into the process. Select a posting below to begin your explorations. Select Blog View to see the most recent post first. Navigation between individual posts is on the black ribbon below each post. Return to this page or select Index in the ribbon at the bottom of any page for quick links to any post. I look forward to sharing more Plowshares history over time.

Researching Plowshares:

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1. Biography and Background > Introductions

2. Getting Started > In Search of Plowshares History Online

3. The Historical Conversation > Where Did This Folk Music Come From?

4. Get Out There! > Exploring the Wonders of the Jungle

5. Pulling It All Together > Wrangling All the Pieces

6. The Exhibition > Hayward Area Folk Music Heritage

7. The End > Fare Thee Well, Not Goodbye


One thought on “Researching Plowshares

  1. It was a wonderful experience to go through the Plowshares programs to see so many names at the beginning of their quietly successful careers carrying musical traditions forward through several generations.

    I had been hoping to fnd that my friend, Rick Lee, from the Boston area showed up on the list of performers. On one of his recent trips out here, I took him to Faith’s house for the regular Friday evening gathering, He tld me that he knew her from when he and then wife, Lorraine Lee, made a couple of tours out her. My curiousity came a week too late. Rick passed away ;last week.

    Although I was living in Boston and New York in the 160s and 70s, I will follow your progress in uncovering this part of music history. It’s particularly interesting because there is so much crossover of people. As for the Bay Area based people, many of those who played Plowshares are people II have come to know, to enjoy and to respect .since moving West

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